Al tiroh mipachad pis-om umi-sho-as re-shoim ki sovo. Utzu etza ve-sufor dabru dovor v'lo yo-kum ki imonu Kel. V'ad zikno ani hu, v'ad sei-voh ani esbol, ani osisi v'ani eso v'ani esbol va-ama-let. Ach tzadikim yodu lish-mecho yei-shvu yesho-rim es ponecha.


Be not afraid of sudden terror, or of the darkness of the wicked when it will come. Take counsel and it will be foiled; speak a word and it will not succeed, for G‑d is with us. And until old age I am the same, and until you turn gray I will carry; I have made and I will bear and I will carry and deliver. But the righteous will thank Your name; the upright will sit before You.