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Alone She Wept!

Eicha in Depth, Part 1


Alone She Wept!: Eicha in Depth, Part 1

This text-based class on Megillat Eicha provides a general overview and analyzes the first two verses.
Eichah - Lamentations - Chapter 1
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Brian Trappler Brooklyn July 26, 2015

To see a such a young, intelligent, articulate teacher as Rabbi Mendel Kaplan explains the meaning that "Jacob didn`t die" (since his children live, he lives). Rabbi Kaplan shows us how the Lubavitcher Rebbe lives. Reply

Olivia Campos Brazil June 18, 2015

Precious knowledge. Thank you. Reply

M August 4, 2014

yes it was wonderful. from Québec :) only nechama as a result of our teshuva. Reply

Anonymous EL PASO August 2, 2014

gawtsadank! Early morning shabbat chazon - what a good answer from the almighty to weeks of prayer. What relief.. Todah rabah!

s. Reply

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