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Jews Plugged In

The last teaching the Rebbe personally handed to us


Jews Plugged In: The last teaching the Rebbe personally handed to us

An informal presentation of the last teaching handed to us by the Rebbe: "There's something you can achieve that I can't. Moses plugs you in, but it's your job to light up the world." (Based on the chasidic discourse V’Atah Tetzaveh)
Ve'atah Tetzaveh, Part I
Maamar Ve'Atah Tetzaveh

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Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia July 3, 2014

Dear Rabbi Freeman, thank you very much for this fascinating presentation! It would be great to have such classes on other maamarim as well. Reply

Anonymous July 1, 2014

Thank you! Amazing and very clear!
Thank you! Reply

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