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How to Craft a Beautiful Elijah Cup

Jewish Crafts with Abbey


How to Craft a Beautiful Elijah Cup: Jewish Crafts with Abbey

Watch our Jewish crafting guru, Abbey, demonstrate how to create a Seder centerpiece that will leave your guests dazzled!
Print Supplies List for Elijah's Cup Craft
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Elijah's Cup, Passover

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Mrs Farah Sajid Pakistan March 22, 2018

Shalom and thank you Abbey for teach us before Pesach , its really beautiful . Reply

nina Palm Coast, April 21, 2016

beautiful Reply

Sam Leon October 29, 2014

Since the cos shel eliahu is taller and bigger than the normal cups at your seder, I recommend using an ordinary wineglass (assuming you're doing it Mrs. Wolin's way) for your Eli's Cup and shot glasses for your normal cups. They can be found at any tourist shop (if you don't mind that they say things like New York City, Washington, DC, or Paris on them.) However, the can also be found at Walmart, Target, or any other place that sells dishes. Reply

Suzann Rowe Long Beach, California March 20, 2013

Painted Elijah Cup Thanks for this great and easy craft project for our Passover Seder. My sister and I made this at our Women's Seder last night at the Alpert Jewish Community Center in Long Beach, California.

I am going to make some for our upcoming family seder.

Happy Pesach,

Would love to get future projects you are planning. Reply

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