Why Does Marriage Fail?

The Truth About Intimacy


Why Does Marriage Fail?: The Truth About Intimacy

The secret that the Torah shares with us about men and women is that they are not brought closer through physical attraction.
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Dee March 20, 2017

Brilliant! After I first got over the shock of marriage being articulated in a way that agrees with my soul, I relaxed and took in all that I myself was unable to articulate to any given potential husband - realizing my husband will naturally possess these qualities and willingly give to me. Reply

Rouss Bogotá, Colombia. December 10, 2014

Thanks a lot! I wish every single man in this planet, could understand this...it's so important. Reply

nubia mexico df December 9, 2014

great this is a great shiur, so important, I've learned many deep things on it. Thanks rab! Reply

Anonymous West Chester December 9, 2014

Yes :-) Wow! When he started with "love is not important" , I was enraged. But what he said next made perfect sense. Don't we all want to be important to our partners? Reply

Ana Texas September 4, 2014

A Blessing Hearing Rabbi Friedman has changed completely my thoughts about love and marriage, You are a blessing in my life Rabbi! Thanks so much! Reply

Andy Minnepaolis, Minnesota USA July 7, 2014

Wow! This is one of the most powerful Torah teachings I have ever heard. Worth listening to over again. I say this as a non-Jew, a Noahide, who looks to God through His Torah and Israel. It is a blessing to dwell in the tents of Shem. ;) Thank you for sharing this. Reply

Ann Canada December 29, 2013

Absolutely Brilliant Rabbi Friedman, you have challenged me greatly with this discourse. At first, I found myself saying, "Hmm...this is interesting..." then, "What?!?!" But after I began to understand where you were taking this and set aside my preconceived notions, Rabbi, I shook my head over and over and said, "Wow, this is awesome." And I will share it with my friends and listen to it again and again. Thank you, B'H Reply

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