A Vulnerable G-d?

The Theology of Needing and Being Needed


A Vulnerable G-d?: The Theology of Needing and Being Needed

Does G-d love us or does He need us? Does He care whether or not we do mitzvot? Is being vulnerable a weakness? Rabbi Friedman tackles these questions and more as he describes the Jewish view of an omnipotent G-d who asks us to serve Him.
G-d and Man, G-d, Religion; Religious Ritual, Love

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Amerelle April 18, 2016

Thank you for this insight! Reply

Anonymous September 12, 2015

This is an unbelievable teaching! Thanks so much dear Rabbi.
In minute 10 of this teaching is exact told the reason why I left christianity after 44 years teaching it! Reply

Madhavi Marathe culver city, ca December 29, 2013

Rabbi Friedman,
I am so very thankful to you. I had no idea who exactly God was. Till now my assumption of who God is was incorrect and logically is was not making sense to me. You have steered me in the right direction in understanding God and his nature. Till now the hakma and the bina were there but the das was missing in my connection to God.
Madhavi Marathe Reply

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