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Washing for a Meal, Part 1

The Practical


Washing for a Meal, Part 1: The Practical

The “netilat yadayim” (washing of the hands) before partaking of bread.
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Netilat Yadayim

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Anonymous Arizona, USA April 27, 2013

Washing For A Meal, Part 1 Dear Rabbi Kaplan, then, the Netilah Yadayim is a ritual to be done before the meal. Does this ritual is to be done at home every time we eat, or is it on a special ocasion at the shul? I am constantly washing my hands, i used to work in health care, therefore, it is a habit for me. But doing it with the cup is different. Wash first, then say the prayer? Thank you for your teachings. I am truly greatful. Reply

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