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Ezra and the Second Temple

A biblical history of the Jews


Ezra and the Second Temple: A biblical history of the Jews

After the seventy-year exile in Babylon, many of the Jewish people return to their homeland under the leadership of Ezra.
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Ezra, Tanach, Men of the Great Assembly, Daniel, Nehemiah, Simeon the Righteous

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Rhonda Dallas, TX October 17, 2016

I love these teachings, they are very timely for my upcoming trip to Israel, and by filling in the missing gaps of my education. He is very easy to follow. Reply

Mendel Dubov Sparta, NJ September 13, 2016

Prophets See Rashi in Bamidbar (Numbers) 22:5. Reply

Anonymous September 9, 2016

Prophets Hashem only prophesizes through the righteous? How about Bilaam? Reply

Alfred Alabama July 8, 2016

Learned much about the 120 men who established the systems of order that Judaism has today. . Women chattering actually helped me concentrate more and listen closely to what he was saying. Women, will be who they are regardless. Love it. Reply

Rocky Jackson N Rose April 19, 2015

Wonderful Reply

Anonymous May 3, 2013

I agree with previous posts. Thank you Mendel Dubov. Reply

Katrin P Germany January 20, 2013

I agree, he's brilliant. Funny was, the women were talking while he continued "They were very faithful" women still talking ignoring his words, and he repeats patiently "They were very faithful to...." women still chatting, and then he goes "They were VERY faithful!!!" hahaha. As if he wanted to say, and what about yourselves? I'm here to teach you, now will you please listen?! Fantastic. Reply

James Brush January 16, 2013

Ezra second temple Who is this rabbi? He is handling these women's questions brilliantly! Reply

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