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The Science of Kashrut

Eating Kosher: Lesson 2


The Science of Kashrut: Eating Kosher: Lesson 2

Many of the dietary laws from the Torah reveal a knowledge of science that could not yet have been known in Biblical times.
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S Ct June 16, 2017

Thank you for this (and all) your classes they are all so interesting! Reply

Anonymous Tarzana February 1, 2012

Excellent. Very good class!!!!! I really enjoyed it and will tell my friends about it. Thank you Reply

Anonymous salford January 31, 2012

honey Question please:
In order for the honey to be made from the nectar, the bee must inject an enzyme from its body into the nectar. So in actual fact, the honey might be considered as a derivative of the bee. Or is this enzyme not considered a food and therefore does not need to be taken into account? But would that mean that any enzyme from a non-Kosher animal could be used in food products? Reply

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