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Helping the Helpless

Jewish Ethics: Lesson 5


Helping the Helpless: Jewish Ethics: Lesson 5

We examine two mitzvas which illustrate how Torah expects us to be compassionate to others. The first is visiting the sick. The second is the prohibition (Deuteronomy 19:14) "Do not place a stumbling block before the blind," which can be interpreted to mean not to mislead a person with bad advice.
Compassion, Visiting the Sick, Stumbling Block Before the Blind

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Catherine NY, NY January 26, 2012

visiting mom Your lecture today was inspiring especially because of the circumstances I am currently involved in. My dad passed away recently, and my mother broke both hips 6 months later. She now resides in a very good assisted living facility due to her great physical needs and cannot walk any longer. She and I were close but I recently found out that she was responsible for my family splintering, due to her manipulations behind my back for my entire life. She even tried to break up my marriage. I visit her twice a week, and take care of all her financial needs as well as making sure her physical needs are being tended to. It became VERY difficult for me to continue once I realized the extent of damage she did to me. Your insight gave me more strength to look beyond her shortcomings, and come to terms with my responsibilites.
As her daughter, I am worried about her spiritual deficits. On the other hand, all I can do is pray for her, because she refuses to take any responsibility for her deeds Reply