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Astronomy and Torah

Calculating the Lunar Cycle


Astronomy and Torah: Calculating the Lunar Cycle

Astrophysicist, Dr. Jeremy Schnittman, discusses how studying astronomy can be a spiritual experience and explains the astoundingly accurate calculations that the Sages used for determining the appearance of the new moon.
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Lunar time, Rosh Chodesh, Torah & Science, Astronomy

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yonason Tampa, FL August 28, 2016

The First Commandment Kiddush Levana was, after all, the first commandment we received from Hashem. Reply

donna feldman london December 31, 2015

no reason to comment on arab culture in a superior manner. lets keep the information flowing without denigrating anyone else. Reply

Jorge Oisiovici Salvador - Bahia May 26, 2014

Congratulations everybody ! Spectacular Reply

Ms. Alicea Flynn December 29, 2011

invent the math and science we see today are thousands of years old and originate from the first true egyptians Reply

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