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The Shema Prayer

In ASL (American Sign Language)

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The Shema Prayer: In ASL (American Sign Language)

Learn the Shema prayer with Hebrew and English subtitles and also in ASL.

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Hadasah Sacramento May 21, 2019

I am very happy I found this page with jewish videos for Deaf people. Are there more videos of prayers in ASL? Thanks, Hadasah. Reply

David - Sarota W Hartford June 22, 2018

I have Googled "ASL Shema". A couple of places change the meaning of the first word in the Shema.

Each word in the Torah is very important.

What we really need is a תפילה for all people with special needs, so that no one will any longer have any special needs. Reply

Hadasah Sacramento May 21, 2019
in response to David - Sarota:

What?! Are you saying that Deaf people have special needs!? This is definitely not true, Deaf people can do anything and hearing people can do except hear. Reply

george jimenez, sr. Escondido, Ca.-U.S.A- May 20, 2012

Shema prayer... each day, I recit this prayer twice,,, a.m. and p.m... I have felt closer to HaShem ever since I started the Shema prayer...awsome...words cannot describe the feeling, closeness, and mainly the Spiritual Love He gives me, all around me, and then some. as they say... Reply