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Torah in Ten: Naso


Torah in Ten: Naso

Topics include: Why the Levite family of Kehat carried the Ark containing the Tablets, why a Nazarite must allow his hair to grow and may not drink wine, and a mystical explanation as to why we have ten fingers.

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Anonymous Glendale ca via May 28, 2017

I look forward to season 2. Thanks for your weekly lesson. I listen to your insight first each week because of the conciseness of your message and the knowledge you impart. From strength to strength! Rabbi. Reply

Anonymous May 27, 2015

Chazak! Toda Raba! Chazak u'Baruch on completing the first year of Torah in Ten.
May Hashem bless you and grant you many more years of disseminating His Torah.. Reply

Anonymous October 21, 2013

thanx :) this helped me study for a test Reply

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