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How to Put On Tefillin


How to Put On Tefillin

How to bind the head and arm phylacteries in preparation for prayer.

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Anonymous January 1, 2013

Wrapping around the finger Nice video, although I believe it says in Sefer Haminhogim that the final wrapping around the middle finger is not on top of the first one, rather it is next to it but on the same joint. Reply

Anonymous Tallinn, Estonia April 10, 2012

Thanks The best training video I've ever seen. It's easy to understand how to put on the Tefillin properly and follow the instructions. It's nice to see the mitzvah without any haste. Thank you very much! Reply

Anonymous June 20, 2011

Tightening the loop I would have liked to see the part that proves most difficult, namely, tightening the loop right at the very beginning. For most beginners it is here that the tefillin wobble out of position. In this video, even the tightening of the noose is not shown. Reply

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