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Counting the Omer - Part 1

The Attribute of Loving Kindness (Chesed)


Counting the Omer - Part 1: The Attribute of Loving Kindness (Chesed)

A general introduction to the concept of Counting the Omer as a process of self-refinement and a look at the attribute of loving kindness as the first of the seven emotional traits.
Sefirot Diagram
Counting of the Omer, Sefirat HaOmer period, Chesed, Sefirot

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SORA Far Rockaway, NY April 10, 2012

Each of these lecturers contain so much emphathy, I'm overwhelmed with emotions. Reply

Lisa Long Beach, CA May 4, 2011

Wonderful teaching on counting of the omer I thank you for the wonderful video teachings on counting of the omer. So many things I did not know that I find truly essential for my own personal growth. And I must give this compliment about Rebbitzen Chana, I enjoy her teaching and I admire her hair! She has such beautiful hair! Reply

Omer Ocando Punto Fijo, Venezuela May 1, 2011

חסד week My own omer counting period, will be better. Watching your lecture has been for me so helpfull to understand the Sefirat HaOmer period we are going throu now.Toda Raba Mora. Reply

duru yahbaruk ogbonna nwayahweh hong kong, hong kong April 22, 2011

May the blessing that comes from the Sabbath day and Passover never depart for you and I. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan April 21, 2011

I needed these classes Thank you for making this series. I am looking forward to watching next class. Reply

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