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"Let Us Make a Small Walled-In Room" - Part 2


"Let Us Make a Small Walled-In Room" - Part 2

Let Us Make a Small Walled-In Room
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Anonymous Bklyn January 30, 2018

Absolute divine grace and Providence.thank you Hashem and your emissaries.rav Chai I want to live your book Zn I ran into this mysterious passage of the wall... lamp the chair and bed while scanning Zohar of bashalach and really wanted to understand anything at all so Hashem sent me your class hashgacha.I never heard of you till now!! It's a gift Toras chesed BH Reply

Anonymous Coconut Creek, FL May 9, 2011

Let Us Make a Small Walled Room Thank you, Rabbi, I am really getting a lot out of these classes. Yasher Koach! Reply

Catherine NY, NY May 9, 2011

very funny Rabbi, you are SO funny. BBM G-d! Busy syndrome. G-d is too busy today, "You're not waking up today".....ha, ha, ha!
But essentially you eloquently said the truth, in a very good way...humor. That connection during the AM and PM does make your day. It does draw down G-d to earth, and it makes the day more special and safe, knowing that nothing can be wrong, because G-d is not too "busy" and is with me. Reply

Anonymous lancaster, ny May 8, 2011

prayer When i get up i think of taking my kids to school and I think of coffee. Reply

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