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Building, Destruction and Renewal

The Three Temples as Three Phases of a Marriage


Building, Destruction and Renewal: The Three Temples as Three Phases of a Marriage

The Third Temple to be built by Moshiach corresponds to the third phase in a relationship in which opposites are harmonized and ultimate peace is achieved.
Relationships, Holy Temple, Tree of Knowledge, Sin of

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Mandla June 13, 2014

What an inspiration powerful word, it reminds me of a scripture in Mathew "all things are possible with God" those spies should carry the word of God with Faith. God bless you more
.. Reply

Mr. Frank morris April 7, 2011

great This message of this week with Rabbi Amar was very good. My wife and I have been married 39 years. This shows how much more of G-d in our marriage we both need; for me a lot more. Thank you. Reply

Darlen Chapman Philadelphia, PA April 6, 2011

Reality Check Thank you for the reality check for myself; I have been getting help from people, due to the economy recovery. Yet I am stuck in a pattern of help me. This is a wake up call for me in understanding my struggle, and wait for GOD to show me what to do without borrowing. Reply

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