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Torah in Ten: Ki Tisa


Torah in Ten: Ki Tisa

Topics include: How the half shekel donation rectified the masculine aspect of the soul, why we have ten fingers and ten toes, and Aaron as a reincarnation of Abraham’s brother Haran.
Ki Tisa

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Renee Mill Sydney February 25, 2016

Fantastic Thank you for some interesting facts abut reincarnation and women. Very relevant! Reply

Menachem Posner Montreal February 18, 2014

RE: WHAT did he say??? Reincarnation is part of Jewish mystical belief, as taught by the kabbalists throughout the ages. You can read (and hear) more about it here: Reply

Bill Johnson Tye February 15, 2014

WHAT did he say??? At about 5:04 it sounded like Rabbi said "Adam had to atone for his sin of idol worship by his reincarnation." Then he talked several other times about reincarnation. Surely either I misunderstand, or he did not mean this! Is he really teaching the heresy of reincarnation!!! Reply

Lia Thornhill, ON, Canada March 9, 2012

!!! AMAZING!! Rabbi you are AWESOME! Reply

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