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Tour of the Mishnah

A Survey of the Structure and Contents of the Six Books of Mishnah

A six-part series exploring the structure and general themes of the six books or "orders" of Mishnah and its various tractates.

The first book of the Mishnah: Zera’im (Seeds)
The tractates of this book of the Mishnah explain the detailed laws of agriculture, including kohanic gifts and tithes for the poor. Also treated are the laws of prayer and blessings.
The Second Book of the Mishnah: Mo'ed (Times)
This Book of the Mishnah deals with the Jewish calendar, its festivals and important days. Included are the laws of refraining from labor on Sabbath and Holidays.
The Third Book of the Mishnah: Nashim (Women)
This Book of the Mishnah addresses laws governing aspects of Jewish family life such as marriage, betrothal, divorce and inheritance.
The Fourth Book of the Mishnah: Nezikin (Damages)
Civil litigation, criminal codes, business regulations, and real es¬tate law are all treated in this Book of the Mishnah.
The Fifth Book of the Mishnah: Kodashim (Holy Things)
The "holy things" referred to in this Book of the Mishnah are the sacrifices performed in the Temple by the kohanim (priests).
The Sixth Book of the Mishnah: Taharot (Purities)
This final Book of the Mishnah deals with the complex laws of the ritual purity and defilement of people and of objects as well as the means for purification.
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