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Chassidic Medley with Yacov Young

Part 2


Chasidic Medley - 2: Part 2

Singer, Yacov Young, sings five chassidic niggunim (melodies): 1. “Nigun Simcha” (joyful melody), 2. “Ein Od Milvado,” 3. “hu Elokeinu,” 4. “Poltava Nigun,” 5. “An'im Zemiros”.

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Aharon Goldstein of Berlin Berlin, Germany February 23, 2015

Best wishes Shavua Tov!

To all of you wherever destiny took you today best wishes from many of us in Berlin. Reply

arturo cordoba, veracruz, mexico October 24, 2014

que bonito cantar :) Reply

Bozena chicago June 30, 2014

music I love this music and Song Thank You very much Reply

simcha crown heights March 14, 2014

music I love music Reply