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Talking to Your Teen


Talking to Your Teen

How to open up the lines of communication with your children.
Speech; Communication, Parenting; Parenthood

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John Smith FL December 28, 2014

Bought the book I bought the book you suggested for my children to read

My question, at what age do these matters apply? At what age does one become an "adult?"

Does coddling work at any age? Yes, feelings are important, esp as a child (as intellect has not developed yet), but at what point does it end "the coddling"

How about when grown adults wear T-shirts that read " I Can't Breath"does this not imply the same justifications as the 14 yr old who seem smothered by all the rules and regulations by authority figures?

At what age does it end or does it? Empathy seems to breed contempt as far as I have "witnessed." Maybe it's just in the DNA or being taught as a way of Life in schools who then see no "progress"and then take matters into their own hands, for the "self." Which everyone knows you are being taught in school to deny for the "collective good."

And this is why you are witnessing so many "individuals" who "acting out" Reply

Cordora Bayport, N Y/ U S A March 2, 2011

talking with your teen I love this. Reply

Anonymous boise, idaho via February 4, 2011

required listening This is good for married couples as well. Reply

Anonymous January 19, 2011

Talking to your Teen This can also work when it comes to your employer and employee relationship, right? Reply

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