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Redeeming the Firstborn

Practical Parshah - Vayeishev


Redeeming the Firstborn: Practical Parshah - Vayeishev

Rachel's firstborn son, Joseph, being sold into slavery as a source for the mitzvah of monetarily redeeming the firstborn son of a Jewish woman.
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Parshah, Pidyon HaBen, Vayeishev

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Anonymous California November 18, 2013

Pidiyon haben and info Dear Rabbi
If a woman has I've, and the first born is a son, is that considered "natural birth"? Is the father then obliged to do pidiyon haben?
Bebrachot Reply

Each week, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan will delve into that week's Torah reading to bring out a practical lesson for life and explain the Biblical sources for the customs, laws, practices and ethics of our people.
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