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Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal

Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 2


Discourse on Refining the Inner Animal - Part 2: Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv: Lesson 2

The inherent disadvantage of sudden inspiration is not only that it ends as quickly as it began, but that it may leave no trace of having affected the person at all.
Maamar Adam Ki Yakriv Part 2
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john smith fort lauderdale, fl December 15, 2010

i have both i am pretty sure i have both the cow/bull and the sheep. so basically i am pure evil and both will be led to slaughter for my sins. in my case this will be the test of true love. thanks for the class, good job in your explanations. i appreciate more than you will ever know. Reply

Dale Tagbilaran, Philippines November 24, 2010

Question Please tell me what DAS means. The Rabbi explained Bina compared to Das.

Thank you Reply

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