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Let’s Bake Hamantashen

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Let's Bake Hamantashen

Visit a kosher bakery just before Purim as thousands of hamantashen—the preferred Purim treat—are prepared, and see what goes into making these delectable delights.
Hamantash, Food; Eating

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Rivka Cotlar Shlucha in Cary NC October 10, 2017

Answer to Anonymous: Answer To Anonymous: Very Good Question about why do we hamentashen shaped as haman's Hat when Haman was a evil person. I had a number of people that asked me the same question. The Answer is that even if Haman was evil we try to Remember him.(not in a good way like he try to honer him) Have A Good Week! Reply

Anonymous December 31, 2017
in response to Rivka Cotlar:

maybe like how we remember amalak? Reply

Lois Willard Venice March 10, 2014

hamentashen When I was growing up in Roxbury, Ma. in the late 40's the hamentashen size was double the size I see the poppy seed but long for the days of the larger size. Had a neighbor that used to make them, awesome...also my grandmother worked at the Aperian Plaza & was a baker...yum Reply

Anonymous venice, florida February 10, 2014

love hamantashen i always watch the video when i am on Reply

anonymous colonie new york, usa,NY April 4, 2013

huh?! we couldn't hear Reply

Anonymous saint John N.B., Canada March 9, 2012

hamentashen They look delicious. You should include the recipe. Reply

Robert Torres Mayaguez, Puerto Rico March 7, 2012

Purim Though I was raised catholic I had many Jewish friends who would share hamantashen with me. It has been over 30 years since I have been able sample them. But would like to thank you for the video. and to wish you all a Happy Purim. Reply

Anonymous bklyn, ny February 9, 2010

tasting those delicious hamantaschen it would be a bigger sanctification of G-d's name if a loud blessing would be made. Thanx for the enjoyable entertainment! Reply

Yossi March 11, 2009

hygiene where are the gloves for the handlers?! Reply

Roman Zeltser via March 2, 2007

As I told you earlier, better web page header makes a difference. It looks much better! Happy Purim! Reply

Anonymous February 28, 2007

Haman was evil so why do we eat the hat of an evil man on Purim? Reply

Racheli Perlov Next to a huge fire! (no joke!) October 17, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Same Idea I was thinking the same thing! Reply

Gabrielle Victoria July 12, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

We don't eat the hat, the shape is representative of the ears. Reply

lulu lulu March 1, 2020
in response to Gabrielle:

It's both, some people say different things of what it represents! (: Reply

shterny grossbaum setauket, new york via February 26, 2007

purim YUm YUM. those hamentashen look good. Reply

a crown heights mommy brooklyn, ny February 23, 2007

brocha?! we know the "rabbi" must have made a brocha (blessing), although for educational purposes it would have been nice to see it. Reply

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