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Haggadah Insights

Part 2: A feminine religion


Haggadah Insights - Part 2: Part 2: A feminine religion

Rabbi Chaim Miller shares beautiful insights into the haggadah that will capture the interest of everyone around your Seder table. In this segment he explains the purpose of the plagues in Egypt.
Haggadah, Women, Femininity & Feminism, Monotheism

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Tom March 28, 2013

Very inspirational insights, thank you Rabbi Chaim! Reply

Jack Baret Mississauga, Canada April 4, 2010

Education for the man on the street. Way to go Chaim. You have secularized bravely the real tenets of your faith and brought it down to earth for the layman, Jew or Gentile. Reply

Yehuda Paret Morristown, NJ March 26, 2010

Chaim Miller Love him. Keep it coming Chaim! Reply

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