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Rules Twelve to Thirteen of Torah Elucidation

13 Principles of Torah Elucidation - Lesson 5


Rules Twelve to Thirteen of Torah Elucidation: 13 Principles of Torah Elucidation - Lesson 5

Methods for elucidating seemingly unclear or paradoxical Torah verses. Principles 12-13 are covered in this final lesson of the series.
Rules Twelve to Thirteen of Torah Elucidation
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Michael Harshberger Logan, ut December 12, 2011

discomfort flag.... We are discussing the 13 Rules of Torah Elucidation. One resolution required us to utilize sefer Shmuel and also Divrei Hayamim, records outside of Torah itself. This troubles me. While these portions of Tanakh do indeed support the elucidation, surely there is a citing within Torah itself that resolves the seeming contradiction of the topic of the site of the Holy Temple. Reply

Michael Harshberger Logan, UT December 8, 2011

"had to redeem themselves" I had to research this one and found it plain as day in Bamidbar 3:46-48, for anyone else listening with me that had to stop and think. B"H. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan September 16, 2010

Basics we need We need this basic knowledge, fundamental for understand our tradition. Thank you for spotlighting these topics. Reply