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The Jewish Approach to Death, Burial & Mourning

With Honor and Dignity - Part 2


Death, Burial & Mourning - Part 2: With Honor and Dignity - Part 2

Death is a subject most painful to discuss, yet it is critically important that we seek guidance and wisdom from the Torah. This second class of a three-part series titled ‘With Honor & Dignity” addresses the funeral traditions and the mourning process.
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Loss, Mourning & Consolation, Death, Funeral

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marilynn Isreal-Langworthy las vegas, nv via January 18, 2012

Grief I'm 62 and my father passed over 6yrs ago, mom just 3 years ago on monday. I still cant deal with this loss. I am think of them daily, cry all the time, have terrible dreams, and guilt that I did not do a good job taking care of them at the end of their life. Reply

Amir Israel March 7, 2018
in response to marilynn Isreal-Langworthy:

i think the best thing you can do is pay back your father and mother by doing Mitzvot and reading Psalms for the souls.
That is what gives them more than your tears. Torah and Mitzvot. Maybe donate books for a Beit Midrash in their name. Good luck Reply

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