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The Jewish Approach to Death

Making the Proper Preparations for Loved Ones

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The Jewish Approach to Death: Making the Proper Preparations for Loved Ones

Rabbi Zohn presents the Jewish view on death, burial and the afterlife, and how to pragmatically prepare for it in the Jewish tradition.
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Taharah, Funeral, Cremation, Burial, Death

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Simcha Bart for January 8, 2017

It happens quite often that a person passes away in a hospital or nursing home etc. In those circumstances one would sit Shiva in the home of the deceased or in their own home.

Noach UK January 7, 2017

When someone dies and you can't sit shiva there What do you do when you can't sit shiva in the place the person died? My Mum Z"l died in a nursing home during respite. Reply

Anonymous Scottsdale, AZ December 22, 2012

Thank you, this explains a "great deal" thank you thank you thank you! Reply

daniel schechter baltimore, MD December 26, 2011

really helpful Rabbi Zohn's "ahavas israel" (loving-kindness) is manifest and most helpful especially because of the tough subject matter. Reply

Anonymous glendale, WI October 30, 2011

My sick dad wants to be put in a wall B"H-I agree with everything you said. My dad- is sick and I am doing everything I can to convince him that he has to do everything he can to live. My dad became a Jew before he married my mom but now he and my mother well, I will just say they do not believe in the Jewish Law and well they bought a place in a wall at a non-Jewish cemetery. I now have the privilege to be able to help my dad while he is on Hospice Care and I do talk to him about G-d and such but I do not want to cause him any frustration or G-dforbid a heart attack. He seems to be giving up and I want him to live but I also want him to make the right decisions about what to do for whenever the time comes-G-dwilling it won't be for a long long time. I do not have any family members that feel like I do about this.I have been telling him for years about what G-d said about being put in the ground. Do you have any suggestions for me? Reply

Anonymous kathleen, ga November 12, 2010

death and how we are to handle it I have pondered this since the death of my daughter 8 years ago. For 2 years I watched my daughter enjoy life and fight for life with the covering of cancer, never to complain. She never lost her beauty of life but at the age of 28 years, the Lord called her to His home. two years later, I was diagnosed with cancer, watching and learning from her, I could see that LIFE was a gift and I must fight for it as she did. I have now passed my five years of survival when they had given me 3, Always wondering why. Your message has now given meaning to life and the 'why for the fight'. "even when it rains, things are growing'- Teri Mashburn
Thank you, Linda in Georgia Reply

Anonymous Madison, WI July 23, 2010

Jewish view of death I have listened to most of your lectues--I find them to be so interesting and very informative. Thank you for putting the lectures on the internet and for making everything so accessable.
regards, Reply

Anonymous shoreline, wa via February 24, 2010

your lecture has not left me for days. quite powerful. i want to learn some more... Reply

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