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Judaism and Medicine

A series of classes that address a variety of medical issues from the viewpoint of practical halachah.

A Physician’s Code
Surveying numerous issues associated with medical professionals like malpractice, confidentiality, modesty safeguards, and blessings and prayers.
Gynecology & Jewish Law
An overview of gynecological issues as detailed in halachah: contraception, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization.
Abortion in Jewish Law
Audio | 1:24:28
Abortion in Jewish Law
A detailed halachic analysis of the sensitive issue of abortion and its ramifications.
The Challenge of Infertility
This class addresses the painful challenges of infertility and attempts to provide some strength and comfort in this most difficult area.
Judaism and Medicine
Audio | 1:08:45
Judaism and Medicine
How does the Torah reconcile pursuing professional medical intervention for healing natural ailments whilst we believe that everything comes from G-d?
Autopsy & Care of the Dead
The appropriate procedure in tending to the dead and bringing them to their final resting in Jewish law.