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The Main Sections of Prayer


This series of classes present the deeper meanings for the different sections of prayer that serve as steps of the spiritual ladder of prayer as explained in Kabbalah and Chassidut.

Modeh Ani
Audio | 50:57
Modeh Ani
This class teaches the layers of meaning to this essential, first prayer of the day which expresses our gratitude to G-d for granting us our soul each morning.
P’sukei D’zimrah
This class discusses the deeper reason and significance to the section of prayer called p’sukei d’zimrah – verses of praise.
First Blessing of Shema
This class explains the purpose and inner intent for the next section of prayer, the blessings of Shema, starting with the first blessing of Yotzer Ohr.
The Second Blessing of Shema
This class sheds light on the second blessing of Shema; Ahavas Olam, and how it relates to the Shema itself.
Reciting Shema
Audio | 49:10
Reciting Shema – Krias Shema
This class provides an in-depth understanding of the themes contained in the reciting of the Shema.
The First Parshah of Shema
This class expounds upon the concept of loving G-d that’s mentioned in the first portion of the shema; v’ahavtah.
The Second Parshah of Shema
This class illuminates the subject of mitzvot as part of our love to G-d that’s stated in the second portion of shema; v’ha’yah.
The Third Parshah of Shema
This class explains the connection of tzitzit, which is the subject of the third portion of shema, to the theme of shema itself.
The Amidah – Shemona Esrei
Audio | 51:42
The Amidah – Shemona Esrei
This class discusses the focal point of prayer – the amidah – where we reach the pinnacle of prayer.
The Tachanun Prayer
This class teaches the special significance of the tachanun prayer.
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