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Eyes upon the Land

The land of Israel and its holy sites.

A series of classes on the Land of Israel; a historical, Halachic and mystical guide to the Holy Land.

Right to the Land
Audio | 1:19:08
Our Right to the Land
Part 1
What are the Jewish people’s fundamental right to the land? Do we have a claim that goes beyond the rationale of conquest, historical roots and a declaration of the international community?
Jerusalem (a)
Audio | 1:17:06
Jerusalem (a)
Part 2
The Biblical references, historical origins and significance of the holy city as recorded throughout the Torah.
Jerusalem (b)
Part 3
The historical and mystical underpinnings of the Holy Temple on Mount Moriyah.
Jerusalem (c)
Part 4
The incredible spirituality of the Western Wall, life in Temple times and its rebuilding in the future.
Part 5
Biblical references pointing to the sanctity and special theme of Hebron as a city of great joining powers.
Rachel’s Tomb
Audio | 44:49
Rachel’s Tomb
Part 6
The history of Rachel’s Tomb and its special significance in Biblical sources.
Part 7
Touring through some of the sites where renowned Sages were interred and bringing them to life by discussing their lives and legacies.
Part 8
The mystical city of Tzfat and its illustrious Kabbalists and Torah authorities.
Part 9
Take a journey through famous historical places of prophets and saints.
Burial in Israel
Audio | 1:11:49
Burial in Israel
Part 10
An in-depth discussion on whether it’s a mitzvah to be buried in the Land of Israel and what's special about the Mount of Olives?
Is it a Mitzvah to Live in Israel?
Part 11
A halachic discussion on whether it’s a mitzvah to make “aliyah” and move to Israel.
The Biblical Borders of Israel
Part 12
What are the Biblical boundaries of Israel and their halachic ramifications? Are its borders fixed and can’t be moved or are they a shifting entity that can be extended?
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