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In Conversation with Chana

Join Chana Weisberg as she interviews interesting guests with inspiring and enlightening stories.

One Couple's Fight for Their Baby's Life
Meet Rabbi Eli and Chaya Rochel Estrin, authors of “Of Medicine, Miracles and Mindsets”, in a fascinating interview with Chana Weisberg, where the Estrins describe their story to save their miracle baby, the major challenges involved, and the lessons learned.
What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?
Michal Oshman, a successful executive at Tik Tok, shares how she suffered from anxiety and how that brought her to study Chassidut, observe mitzvot and write her best-selling book full of Jewish wisdom, What Would You Do If Your Weren't Afraid?
Jews by Choice, Not by Birth
Rifka and Shalom Chilungu share their story of their path to embracing Judaism, their inspiration and challenges, and what it's like to raise their children as a bi-racial couple.
Meet the Elkans: Chabad at Oberlin College
Rabbi Shlomo and Devorah Elkan, the co-directors of Chabad at Oberlin, one of the most progressive campus colleges, speak about their lives, what inspires them, and the challenges of today's youth.
A Chinese Girl's Journey to Judaism
A Dream Comes True
In conversation with Elisheva Martinetti and Sofya Tamarkin. Elisheva was born in North-East China, studied in Israel and Australia before converting to Judaism, and now teaches Chassidic thought in London. Sofya is a writer who was born in the Soviet Union and discovered Elisheva on one of her many world travels. Together, they talk about their personal growth and the impact of their story.
Debunking the Myths of Orthodox Life
A window into hasidic Jewish family life, dating, intimacy and raising children, through the prism of youthful Chabad couple, Rabbi Dovid and Chana Vigler, in conversation with Chana Weisberg.
I Survived, but I Also Thrived
An Abuse Survivor Shares Inspiration
An interview with Rabbi Avremi Zippel and his mother, Rebbetzin Sharonne Zippel by Chana Weisberg. Rabbi Avremi is an abuse survivor and tells the story of how he overcame his past and looks forward to the future. The Zippels are Chabad shluchim (emissaries) in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Meet the Francis Couple: A School Principal and A Community Intervention Specialist
Rabbi Enan and Gitty Francis speak about education, anxiety, self-care, raising whole and healthy children, and challenges of our times.
How the Chinese Girl Who Became Jewish Found Her Soulmate
An interview with Elisheva and Dovid Martinetti. Elisheva was born in China; and Dovid in Italy. In their youth, both were inspired to convert to Judaism. Hear the remarkable story of their journeys, and their dreams and aspirations in building their own family.
A Chassidic Family in Turkey?
An interview with Rabbi Mendy and Chaya Chitrik, the Chabad shluchim living in Turkey.
Suicide Prevention
Audio | 56:02
Suicide Prevention
How two young women began an awareness revolution, and what you need to know to help someone in trouble. Interview by Chana Weisberg with Ella Steinmetz, director of Cteen, Chabad of Sarasota; Leigh Hershkovich-Ioffe, safeTALK instructor and Creative Director of the Cteen International; and Jack Miller of Gelt Financial.
Meet the Bruks
Audio | 1:05:36
Meet the Bruks
A Chabad bi-racial family in Montana with 5 adopted children
Journey from Loss to Light
Nechama Laber shares how the untimely death of her father brought her to reach out to create a place of love for others and helped her raise her child with special needs.
From Rapper to Rabbi
Audio | 1:14:57
From Rapper to Rabbi
An interview with Rabbi Motti and Rochel Flickstein about their incredible journey towards Jewish observance and their transformation to Chabad emissaries in Delaware.
The Boxing Champion Who Wouldn't Fight on Shabbat
Dmitry Salita, boxing champion and promoter, shares his journey towards Jewish observance, and his challenges, motivation and inspiration along the way.
From Non-Jewish Roots to a Chassidic Scholar and Teacher
From a young age, Ani Lipitz always wondered about her purpose in our world. When she discovered Chassidic teachings, she felt she knew what life she wanted to lead.
Despite Shocking Tragedy, She Says Chabad Is Staying
An inspiring conversation with Mrs. Shternie Wolf, Chabad’s emissary in Hanover, Germany, who suddenly lost her husband, Rabbi Benny Wolf, yet she remains determined to stay and continue their life work there.
Rising Higher Than My Disorder
Chana Weisberg interviews Miriam Raskin about her journey to overcoming her eating disorders and depression and ultimately thriving in life with the discovery of the depth of Chassidic teachings.
Cancer Survivor Faces IVF Treatment with Faith and Optimism
Chana Spiro battled a life-threatening cancer when she was 18. She is now undergoing treatment for infertility with her signature resolve and positive perspective.
Project Heart for
Rabbi Benny Zippel and Chaim Andruiser discuss how Project Heart helps at risk youth see theselves as the true gems that they are.
Campus Shluchos Share Practical Tips and Inspiration for Passover
In conversation with Shifra Sharstein and Manya Lazaroff about Passover preparation and year-long activities at Chabad on college campus.
Practical Solutions in Times of Emotional Turmoil
A candid interview by Chana Weisberg with Rus Devorah Wallen, LCSW, ACSW, founder of Toratherapeutics, who shares real tools to improve our emotional wellbeing during our new ‘normal’ in these trying times.
On the Frontlines: An Interview with Chassidic Health Professionals
Watch a live interview with healthcare professionals Masha Donat and Estee Gourarie, chasidic women in the medical field, who share the latest from the battle against Covid-19, in conversation with Chana Weisberg from
It Happened in Our Community: Surfside Rabbi and Rebbetzin Share
On the frontlines in helping families of the Surfside condominium collapse, Rebbetzin Chani and Rabbi Sholom Lipskar, of The Shul of Bal Harbour, will be sharing the feelings in their community, as they talk with Chana Weisberg about the history of The Shul, and its pivotal role in the aftermath of the tragedy.