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The Month of Av

The 15th of Av is the most mysterious day of the Jewish calendar: our Sages proclaim it one of the two greatest festivals of the year (the other being Yom Kippur!), yet they ordained no special observances or celebrations for it.

Dancing in the Vineyards
The Talmud relates that on the 15th of Av and Yom Kippur, the eligible young men and women of Jerusalem would go out to the vineyards to find their prospective marriage partner. Why specifically these two days?
The 15th of Av
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The 15th of Av
The Happiest Day of the Jewish Calendar
The Talmud teaches us that the 15th of Av and Yom Kippur are the happiest days of the Jewish calendar. Why, and what is the connection between these two dates?
The 20th of Av
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The 20th of Av
The Talmud relates that the 20th of Av was a holiday for a particular family who brought wood to the Temple for the altar, the identity of this family is the topic of a debate.
15 Av
This is an advanced class which discusses the specialty of the 15th of Av.
The Crown of Torah
Audio | 1:06:40
Av 15: The Crown of Torah
The specialty of studying Torah at night
An in-depth analysis of the Talmudic teaching that from the fifteenth of Av and onward, one is to increase in Torah study at night.
20 Av
An advanced class detailing the significance of the 20th day of Av.
Dancing with the Daughters of Jerusalem
A historical overview of the joyous day of the fifteenth of Av and its inner meaning and significance.
What Did the Beautiful Ones Say?
The 15th of Av
On the 15th of Av young men and women would meet in the vineyards of Jerusalem for the purpose of finding their soul-mate. The beautiful girls among them would declare that a young man aught set his eyes to beauty alone. The Talmud does not censure them, even mildly. But surely, as Scripture states, "Charm is false and beauty has no substance"?! (Likutei Sichos vol. 19, p. 80)
The Happiest Day of the Year
The fifteenth day of Av
“There were no greater festivals for Israel than the 15th of Av and Yom Kippur. On these days the daughters of Jerusalem would go out . . . (for matchmaking).” This cryptic passage of the Talmud—like many others—requires further study, elaboration and context to better understand its meaning and significance.
The 15th of Av on Five Levels
The greatest holiday of the year
Connecting the dots between dancing in circles, a full moon, breaking the ax, and escaping death.