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Chumash Classes: Vayigash, Part 5

Yaakov's arrival stops the famine

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Chumash Classes: Vayigash, Part 5: Yaakov's arrival stops the famine

Ch. 46 verses 28-34 Ch. 47 verses 1-27: Yosef harnesses his own chariot, goes out to greet his father, and crys on his neck. He tells his family that he is going to tell Pharaoh that they have arrived, and that they should tell him that they are shepherds. Ch. 47, Yosef takes five of the weakest brothers to meet Pharaoh. He is then introduced to Yaakov who blesses him that the Nile should rise whenever he approached it. With Yaakov's arrival the famine ceased. The people were forced during the first two years of the famine to sell everything they owned to yosef.
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