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Chumash Classes: Vayigash

Chumash Classes: Vayigash, Part 1
Yehudah offers himself as a slave instead of his younger brother
Ch. 44 verses 18-34: Yehudah makes an impassioned plea to the viceroy to save Binyamin from servitude. He expresses his concern that leaving Binyamin in Eygpt would kill his elderly father. He goes so far as to offer himself as a slave instead of his younger brother.
Chumash Classes: Vayigash, Part 2
Yosef reveals himself to his brothers and asks them if his father is still alive
Chp. 45 verses 1 - 11: Yosef reveals himself to his brothers and asks them if his father is still alive. They are terrified by his appearance and they back away. He assures them that he means them no harm and that all that had transpired was orchestrated by Hashem. He instructs them on what to say to his father and that they should bring him and all their possessions down to Egypt where they will live close to him and he would support them through the five remaining years of the famine.
Chumash Classes: Vayigash, Part 3
Yosef sends wagons to bring his father and all the family to live in Egypt
ch. 45 verses 12-28: Yosef instructs his brothers on what to tell his father. He hugs Binyamin and the they cry on each others shoulders. He then kisses his brothers and cries with them. Pharaoh and the people are happy to hear that Yosef and his brothers have been re united. Pharaoh commands Yosef to send wagons to bring his father and all the family to live in Egypt. The brothers return home and they tell Yaakov all that Yosef had said, but he did not believe them. However, when he saw the wagons he realized that Yosef was alive and his spirit was revived and he wanted to go down to Egypt and see Yosef before he died.
Chumash Classes: Vayigash, Part 4
Yaakov travels to Egypt
Ch. 46 verses 1-27: Yaakov visits B'eer Sheva on his way to Egypt. He brings sacrifices to Hashem, who comes to him in a vision at night and tells him that he will be with him and his descendents and that they will be a great nation. He promises him that Yosef will close his eyes when he dies and that he will be buried in the land of Canaan. Yaakov leaves with his whole family of seventy individuals. The Torah then lists them by their mothers.
Chumash Classes: Vayigash, Part 5
Yaakov's arrival stops the famine
Ch. 46 verses 28-34 Ch. 47 verses 1-27: Yosef harnesses his own chariot, goes out to greet his father, and crys on his neck. He tells his family that he is going to tell Pharaoh that they have arrived, and that they should tell him that they are shepherds. Ch. 47, Yosef takes five of the weakest brothers to meet Pharaoh. He is then introduced to Yaakov who blesses him that the Nile should rise whenever he approached it. With Yaakov's arrival the famine ceased. The people were forced during the first two years of the famine to sell everything they owned to yosef.
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