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Soul Wrestling

A Spiritual Guide to Personal Growth

This series presents the revolutionary ideas of Tanya, the foundational text of Chabad philosophy, assisting us to realize our true potential. Discover the practical spirituality R’ Schneur Zalman teaches in Tanya and its relevance today more than ever.

Good Hypocrisy
Audio | 1:15:31
Good Hypocrisy
Acting better than you really are. (Tanya Ch. 4)
Getting No Satisfaction?
How to feed a starving soul (Tanya Ch. 5)
Do You Trust Your Feelings?
The structure of the animal soul (Tanya Ch. 6)
Can Evil Be Redeemed?
Audio | 1:12:17
Can Evil Be Redeemed?
How to turn around the “other side” (Tanya Ch. 8)
The Fight for Your Life
The two souls take their positions (Tanya Ch. 9)
Nobody Is Perfect?
Audio | 1:16:12
Nobody Is Perfect?
What it takes to be a tzaddik (Tanya Ch. 10)
No Regrets?
Audio | 1:17:39
No Regrets?
The bad and the worse (Tanya Ch. 11)
Is ‘Beinoni’ Good Enough?
Levels of truth (Tanya Ch. 13)
Can I Really Be a ‘Beinoni’?
What is attainable and what is not (Tanya Ch. 14)
Tools for the Struggle
Audio | 1:10:30
Tools for the Struggle
A day in the life of a ‘Beinoni’ (Tanya Ch. 15-17)
The Peculiar Jewish Soul
The soul powers we don’t even know we have (Tanya Ch. 18)
What non-Jews say about Jews
Why We Sway When We Pray
The Spiritual Law of Gravity (Tanya Ch. 19)
Radical Monotheism
Audio | 1:13:01
Radical Monotheism
The philosophy of G-d’s oneness (Tanya Ch. 20-21)
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