Completing the Maamar נשא and Beginning the Maamar וראיתם

The Maamar ends with an explanation of the role of Bnei Gershon and Bnei Kehas respectively. The Rebbe points out that Gershon is etymologically related to the word Gerush (to expel) and, in the context of our Maamar refers to the Makkif Harachok elicited by Mitzvos Lo Sa’seh. These makifim expel forces of negativity that seek to draw strength from the side of Holiness.

The new Maamar begins with the question as to the meaning of המצות זכירת (associated with ציצית) as opposed to עשׂיית המצות. This leads us into a deep analysis of the source of Yenikah of Kelpah from the Makiffim of Kedushah.

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