The significance of מצוות לא תעשה in the time of golus.

In the previous shiur we explored the proposition that our finite Avodah in mitzvah performance draws down a power of infinitude (אהבה רבה) from above.

Although in the days of Bayis Rishon, positive mitzvos were sufficient to ignite אהבה רבה in Neshamos Yisroel, in the time of golus אהבה רבה is elicited largely by מצוות לא תעשה, and more specifically through the agency of the myriad of rabbinic regulations legislated after Bayis Rishon.

The maamar will discuss why the many obstacles and the deep darkness of golus is no impediment to Etzem Ohr, which is associated with these Mitzvos.

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