Evolution of Ohr Pnimi and Ohr Makif within Atzilus

In this class we will examine the principle of pnimius of elyon establishing makif of tachton, whereas chitzonius of elyon establishing pnimius of tachton in the context of ilah v’alul in Atzilus.

We will explore the idea that Tiferes d’Imah founds Keser of Zeir Anpin, and Tiferes of Zeir Anpin establishes Keser of Malchus. We will emphasize that both of these evolutionary transitions occur only in the chitzonius aspect of Imah (Binah), which is called Svunah, and in the Chitzonious of Tiferes of Zeir Anpin respectively.

The true pnimius of Binah and of Zeir Anpin are beyond revelation in this system altogether. Thus, the various makifim are not absolute, but reflect superficial Ohr that simply cannot be internalized by the level that it encompasses.

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