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Insights into Ashrei

The Beauty of Psalm 145

The Talmud praises those who recite Psalms 145 – also known as the prayer of Ashrei – each day. This series provides thoughtful insights into the deeper meaning of the verses of this prayer.

Six Days, Six Ways
Audio | 33:54
Six Days, Six Ways
Insights into Ashrei - Part 1
The six days of creation as six distinct ways of relating to G-d. Based on the verse (Psalms 145:2) "Everyday I will bless You, and I will extol Your name forever."
Seeing or Believing
Audio | 29:43
Seeing or Believing
Insights into Ashrei - Part 2
The difference between seeing G-d's involvement in our lives as opposed to believing in his loftier qualities. (Based on Psalms 145:3-10)
The Here and Now
Audio | 25:01
The Here and Now
Insights into Ashrei - Part 3
The pious one seeks out G-d in a way that can be felt in his day-to-day life. (Based on Psalms 145:11-12)
Open Up Your Hands
Audio | 31:35
Open Up Your Hands
Insights into Ashrei - Part 4
G-d enables the pious to have the emotionally powerful experience that they seek. (Based on Psalms 145:13-17)
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