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The Theory of Everything

A Kabbalistic View on Modern Scientific Theories

A Kabbalistic perspective on science's attempt to formulate an overarching explanation for all existence takes us through the dimensions of space, time and spirit.

Unified Field Theory
Theories of Everything - Part 1
An understanding of G-d's Four-Letter Name offers a possible synthesis of two heretofore irreconcilable theories -- Quantum Theory and the Theory of Relativity.
Dimensions of the World: Space (Makom)
Theories of Everything - Part 2
An analysis of the spatial dimension and the secret significance of the number 176 in Torah as the basic model of "the optimal expansiveness of space."
Dimensions of the World: Year (Shanah)
Theories of Everything - Part 3
Various ways of defining the temporal dimension, its composition, and its effect upon space.
Dimensions of the World: Soul (Nefesh)
Theories of Everything - Part 4
A description of the spiritual dimension as the "conscious observer" which defines the temporal and spatial dimensions.
Five Dimensions - Four Worlds
Theories of Everything - Part 5
The four dimensions of "point, line, area and body" as they correspond to four levels within the conscious observer and Four Worlds.
The World of Action
Audio | 13:42
The World of Action
Theories of Everything - Part 6
The dimensions of space and time within the physical universe and their corresponding spiritual characteristics.
The World of Formation
Theories of Everything - Part 7
The world of Yetzirah is described as a higher plane of reality where objects and happenings in the space-time dimensions actually take on moral value.
The World of Creation
Theories of Everything - Part 8
The world of Briyah is described as a plane of "abstract intelligence."
The Worlds of Emanation & Chaos
Theories of Everything - Part 9
The highest world of Atzilut introduces a unique "G-dly" dimension to reality. Beyond that lies the realm of primordial chaos, source of the "Shattering of the Vessels."
The Bound World
Audio | 10:29
The Bound World
Theories of Everything - Part 10
The world of Akudim as a prototypical model for reality where existence may either "appear" or "not appear."
Primordial Man: Unlimited within the Limited
Theories of Everything - Part 11
The tenth and highest dimension of reality is described as the "infinite within the finite" that encompasses the dimensionality of all worlds.
String Theory & Kabbalah
Theories of Everything - Part 12
Uncanny similarities are noted between the Hyperspace Dimensions of String Theory and the Ten Sefirot of Kabbalah.
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