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Shuckling: Why Do Jews Rock While Praying?

When we praise G‑d, we do so with all of our being: the mind, heart, and mouth express the prayer through speech, and the rest of the body does so by moving.
By the Numbers
10 Facts About Miriam Everyone Should Know

Learn about Miriam, the prophetess of the Bible, whose life and legacy is celebrated until today.
Defy the Lie

Is There a Limit to What We Can Make Holy?

How did fish get involved? By Moses’s own recounting, the people were asking for meat, so why did he talk about giving them (or not giving them) fish?
Who Honored Miriam, and How?

The Torah specifies that “the people” did not abandon Miriam, whereas Rashi suggests that it was an honor accorded to her by G‑d.
Learning to Co-Parent With G-d

There are those seriously difficult moments—terrifying in fact—when you, if you are honest, you might ask yourself: Is it worth the effor?
How Will I Heal From This?

Please G‑d, send me a present. I know I am so wealthy with blessings, but right now I need a present. Show me, please, that you are with me.
The Tailor Who Did Not Know He Was Special

The poor tailor became a beggar, and it seemed to the local population that he had lost his mind.
Shabbat Law of the Week
Mesarteit - Ruling Lines

The hides used to cover the Mishkan were measured, cut to size, and attached to one another.
When something is broken below, repair it above. And know that it is never truly repaired above until it is in order below as well.
— The Chassidic Masters
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When Jewish people conclude a satisfying meal that includes bread, they say four blessings.


Because the Torah says, “When you eat and you’re satisfied, you should bless G‑d for the land He has given you.”

The last three blessings were composed in the Promised Land. But the first blessing was composed by...