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By the Numbers
7 Classic Chabad Songs of Sephardic Origin (Lag BaOmer Special)

There is a historical connection between the Chabad movement and the Sephardic world.
10 Facts About Pesach Sheini Every Jew Needs to Know

If someone was unable to participate in the Passover offering at the proper time, they would offer the sacrifice a month later.
10 Questions: Take the Lag BaOmer Quiz
Take the test and see if you are a Lag BaOmer expert
Your Questions
What Happened to the Bar Kochba-Lag BaOmer Connection?

Your Lag BaOmer section has no mention of the wars Bar Kochba waged against the Romans! Why?
He Won't Commit!

He says our relationship is fine as it is and we don’t need to be married.
Why G‑d Didn’t Put the Courts Over the Priests

Rashi’s comment at the very beginning of our Torah portion seems over complicated.
Abandoned Mitzvahs

Must the “right” or “good” thing always be hard, or is a quick fix just as good?
What I Didn’t Find in a Tibetan Monastery, I Found at Chabad

“If you are looking for mystical Judaism, I have to send you to Chabad,” said Robert Frazin, rabbi of Temple Solel in Hollywood, Fla., to Paul Sussman.
Healed by the Talmud Class

A Jew in Poland suffered from a lung ailment, which his doctors informed him he would not survive.
A Life of Joy in Spite of Pain: Lessons From My Dear Aunt

When I feel empty in my pain, not capable of uttering a word despite my sincere desire to pray, I think of my beloved Aunt Vera.
Shabbat Law of the Week
Mafshit - Skinning

One may not remove the skin of raw chicken or fish on Shabbat, as this would violate mafshit.
Follow the majority . . . [but] do not follow the majority to do evil.
— Exodus 23:2
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