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Tisha B'Av Fast Day
Why Is Tisha B'Av Afternoon Less Mournful?

Why are mourning practices suspended in the afternoon, the very time the Holy Temple was actually set on fire?
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On Tisha B’av, the 9th of Av, we mourn the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash, the Holy Temple. Our sages also tell us that when Moshiach comes, Tisha B’av will become a festival when we will celebrate the building of the third and final Temple.
Hear the Oneness

G‑d is the one truth that pervades all existence and we, in turn, must create that oneness within our hearts.
Why a Mezuzah Is Not a Mezuzah

If not for the scrolls, there would be no reason for plain old doorposts...
Confessions of a ‘Highly Sensitive’ Chabad Rebbetzin

While my day-to-day involvement in Chabad activities and programs has waxed and waned depending on what my children were up at that particular period of time (think colicky babies), there is one area that I never wanted to cut back on: the time I invested in personal relationships with community members.
What the Spies Taught Us About Education

I wanted to change him. I started to argue with him, and then there came this inner voice that said, “Elana, just accept him. Just love him.”
Melachah of the Week
Meraked - Sifting

Sometimes a vacuum serves as a force that draws more, as in a syringe
— The Lubavitcher Rebbe's message to his Chassidim on Simchat Torah of 1977, when a heart attack he suffered prevented his participation in the festivities
Print Magazine

Much of what we know about nuclear energy can be applied to education:

  1. In normal times, it’s enough to tap into a student’s external energy. But in our times, as we approach a new era, we need to tap into the innermost, nuclear powers of the heart, mind and soul.
  2. Real change comes from within. The job of a teacher is...