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Your Questions
Who Is Adina?

All we know about her is her name. And that’s all we need to know.
Jewish Responses to Epidemics Throughout History

Let’s take a look at epidemics throughout history to gain some insight into how Jews were affected and how leaders responded.
By the Numbers
10 Tips for Hosting a Comfortable Shabbat Dinner

You don’t have to be a Torah scholar or expert chef to host a Friday-night dinner or Saturday lunch.
On a Positive Note

Chapter 28 of Positivity Bias
Window or Mirror

The mirror does not completely obstruct the light, as do other objects. Instead, it reflects the light that shines upon it. It symbolizes how the creation itself can reflect and express the Divine light.
Your Help Needed!

Though most of the mitzvot were transmitted at Sinai, a select few were given beforehand. They were yet in Egypt when they received their first mitzvah: it’s time to establish a new calendar!
Vayakhel-Pekudei Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Vayakhel-Pekudei.
Why the Czar Remembered

Silent looks were thrown around, frantically trying to pinpoint the one responsible.
Panic Soup for Pandemic Times

How to Cook for Shabbat While Social Distancing

Whether you’re in official quarantine or social distancing to stay safe, your Shabbat may look very different from usual this week.
Said Rabbi Berechia: The Exodus from Egypt is comparable to a fat man who is riding on a donkey. The donkey longs: "O when will he get off me"; and he longs: "O when will I get off the donkey." As soon as he gets off, the man is happy and the donkey is happy. Still I do not know: who is the happier? [So the Psalmist proclaims:] "Egypt rejoiced when they went"
— Midrash Tehilim
Print Magazine

You can choose to believe in a G‑d aloof from all things;
a distant G‑d that leaves you in the hands of so many worldly troubles.

Or you can put your trust in a G‑d who carries you as a nursing mother carries her suckling infant by her bosom;
as a father carries his child high upon his shoulders;
as an eagle carries...