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By the Numbers
17 Facts About the Rebbetzin
Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka shied away from the limelight and rarely appeared in public, where she would undoubtedly be celebrated as the revered rebbetzin.
10 Ways to Help an Especially Sensitive Child

How can I help her become stronger so she can survive in a world that’s not always fair and tactful, and so that she’s not constantly suffering a maelstrom of emotion?
Your Questions
Do Rabbis Need to Be Married?

Historically, many communities traditionally included in their bylaws that they would only accept married candidates as their rabbis. Why?
Discovering the Rebbe
The Power of Reframing

Chapter 24 of Positivity Bias
The Forgotten File With 200 Years of Chassidic Heritage

The story of a lost-and-found child of Chassidic roots who had become a high-powered American attorney and advocate for Soviet causes.
What Kind of Guard Are You?

The monetary laws of the Torah are more than just utilitarian laws that allow for a functioning society. Just as with all other parts of the Torah, the monetary laws contain deep psychological and spiritual truths
1 + 1 = A Holy One

Why a half-shekel? And if a half holy shekel is a regular shekel, why not simply require a shekel?
Mishpatim Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Mishpatim.
The Abuse Survivor’s Tightrope Walk

There is no cheering. No crowds. No clapping from far down below.
How I Began to Heal

My pain was heavily compounded by feeling like no one else knew what I was going through or could possibly understand it, so I suffered in solitude.
The Burial Society's Tefillin

An assortment of tefillin—some old and worn, others glossy and new—lay neatly arranged.
And G‑d said: Let us make man in Our image, after Our likeness.
— Genesis 1:26
Print Magazine

Every day since we first set foot from Ramses is another day of leaving Egypt.

As soon as you stop leaving, you are back there again.