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By the Numbers
8 Old and New Chanukah Traditions

Looking to expand beyond the bare-bones basics? Here are 8 deeply meaningful traditions for you and your family to personalize.
Your Questions
What Is a Maggid?

A maggid is a title most commonly held by preachers who flourished in Poland and Russia during the 17th and 18th centuries, most notably the Maggid of Mezrich.
Snubbed by a Cold Retort

I felt like I’d been slapped. “I was just being polite,” I answered and then shot out of the room…
The Rebbe's Response to a Planned Cremation

Jewish Journeys
Winning the War Against Thinking

I like to sit and think. People think I’m mad. Try it.
Q&A: The Holocaust’s Jewish Calendars: Keeping Time Sacred, Making Time Holy

Historian Avraham Rosen discusses his groundbreaking new book that holds relevance for all
The Egypt of My Childhood

I remember the day in September of 1989 when I walked out of my home in Saratov into the unknown future.
Binding Bundles

Our job is to demonstrate that there need not be a dichotomy between body and soul. That life does not have to be a collection of meaningless fragmented moments.
Staying on the Swing

It is one of the ironies of life that in order to swing to the greatest height, it is necessary to plunge to the lowest point. Often there’s a “descent” in order to “rise”—a negative situation before the positive.
Vayeshev Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Vayeshev.
On the Calendar
This 19 Kislev, Take a Tractate
Worried about how you’ll learn it? Chabad.org has you covered.
The Sudden Change of Heart

At the age of 93, Reb Shlomo Rafaels was one of Sventiany’s oldest residents.
Learning Rambam Weekly
So What if It Doesn’t Exist?

Can I sell something that does not exist?
Chanukah News
Behold, I shall rain down to you bread from heaven.
— Exodus 16:4
Print Magazine

You can choose to believe in a G‑d aloof from all things;
a distant G‑d that leaves you in the hands of so many worldly troubles.

Or you can put your trust in a G‑d who carries you as a nursing mother carries her suckling infant by her bosom;
as a father carries his child high upon his shoulders;
as an eagle carries...