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Heaven & Earth

The testimony of heaven and earth is more than merely a poetic metaphor. Moses was conveying the profound lesson that in order for the message to endure, the Jew must evoke both heaven and earth.
Do You Love to “Hate” Sukkot?

We love to kvetch about the difficulty of planning outdoor meals when the heavens may gift us with rain or snow.
Haazinu Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Haazinu.
Your Questions
Why Is the Sukkah Covered With Plant Material (Schach)?

The holiday is celebrated with materials typically left on a threshing floor or winepress, such as straw, stalks, and reeds.
By the Numbers
Sukkot Readings
What’s Better than a Bottle of Wine?

Sometimes, what we crave is refreshing, restorative water to slake our thirst … like a Jew’s soul thirsts to reconnect to its G-dly source.
How I Managed a Very Awkward Shiva Call

Happiness is peace of mind and knowing, “This is what G‑d wants for me right now. This is what He wants me to be doing or not doing, feeling or not feeling.”
How manifold are Your works, O G-d; You have made them all with wisdom
— Psalms 104:24
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Everything that occurs comes from Him, and He is only good.

But if you and your world are not open to receiving such good from beyond, it may manifest itself as apparent bad—much as heavy rains upon untilled soil bring floods in the place of abundant produce.

How do you soften the soil and open yourself to divine...