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Yom Kippur

Your Questions
Why Do Those With Parents Leave for Yizkor?

Customarily, those whose parents are still living leave the sanctuary for the duration of this short prayer. Why?
How Does Yom Kippur Work?

Only you can fix yourself. What does a particular day of the year have to offer?
What Is Yom Kippur?
For nearly 26 hours Jews everywhere “afflict their souls” and spend the day in synagogue, praying for forgiveness.
Take the Yom Kippur Quiz

See how familiar you are with the most sacred day on the Jewish calendar…
Vayelech Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Vayelech.
When G-d Goes Into Hiding

We are here as Jews today, because generations of Jews understood this truth: That the exile is not the absence of G‑d’s love and presence, but merely a concealment of His grace.
On Motherhood
20 Moving Entries From Rebbetzin Chana's Diary
A rich and descriptive Yiddish writer, she records many events from the struggle to maintain Judaism in the Soviet Union, and the difficulty she endured during her husband’s arrest and subsequent exile.
G-d, Why Did I Miscarry?

I am in the hospital because the previous night I lost my pregnancy, my potential baby. He is in the hospital for bringing three new babies into the world. How could this happen?
13 Giant Questions (and a Few Little Answers) for the High Holidays

The High Holidays take us on a journey to the deepest places. Here are some questions to ask along the way.
Rehearsal for Redemption

Chapter 13 of Positivity Bias
A Yom Kippur in Hiding

Slowly the shelter came to life. My mother got up and prepared breakfast—a few crackers with some jam we still had left. But neither my two sisters nor my mother touched the food . . .
“Lekach”—Honey Cake

Everything is placed in pledge, and a net is spread over all the living. The store is open, the storekeeper extends credit, the account-book lies open, the hand writes, and all who wish to borrow may come and borrow. The collection-officers make their rounds every day and exact payment from man, with his knowledge and without his knowledge. Their case is well founded, the judgement is a judgement of truth, and ultimately, all is prepared for the feast.
— Rabbi Akiva (Ethics of the Fathers 3:16)
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Fighting evil is a very noble job when it must be done. But it is not our mission in life.

Our job is to bring in more light.