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Rosh Hashanah (Nitzavim)

Rosh Hashanah by the Numbers
9 Rosh Hashanah Myths and Misconceptions

Get ready to reexamine everything you ever assumed you knew about Rosh Hashanah
18 Empowering Contemplations For Rosh Hashanah

Thinking about what it is and what we do with it
Rosh Hashanah Thoughts
Tehillim With Tears

On the lifelong journey to get out one sincere word.
This Is What You Need to Tell the Demons Inside You

We have to remember that we are inherently pure and good, and each day is a new day and a new opportunity.
Your Questions
The Problem With Feeding Fish at Tashlich

Contrary to what some believe, feeding the fish is not part of the Tashlich ritual.
How Is Rosh Hashanah Celebrated?
An Overview of Rosh Hashanah's Traditions and Customs
Take the Rosh Hashanah Quiz

See how well you know the basics of the first holiday of the Jewish year
Jewish News
A Shofar in Siberia and the Young Boy Who Arranged It

Young Meir noticed that with each passing day his grandfather grew more and more depressed. “How will we blow the shofar?” cried the Rebbe.
The Center of the Universe

The greatest threat to morality is if every individual believes that the purpose of creation, the mission of the Jewish people, and the fate of humanity is out of his or her control. The greatest assurance that people will make the correct choices in life is when each individual understands that G‑d looks to him or her as the center of the universe.
Nitzavim Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Nitzavim.
It is a special kindness that G-d made man to walk upright, so that he looks upon the Heavens; unlike beasts that go on all fours and see only the earth
— Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch (1789-1866)
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Fighting evil is a very noble job when it must be done. But it is not our mission in life.

Our job is to bring in more light.